Girl with a Violin

A famous 18-year-old fiddle player, Beau, is abducted from her parents’ huge Sierra home at a birthday folk jam in her honor one summer in the early part of the 21st century. As a fire burns up the mountain while she is buried on the land under a pile of brush, she is found just in time.

A month later, much to her horror, she is abducted again, this time from a Berkeley music jam. The culprit – a crazy but brilliant classical violinist only known for his expert folk guitar playing – hides her away in an underground room in the Sierras so he can compel her to learn classical violin.

Pale, gaunt and shattered, can she escape?

“From the first paragraph, the reader’s curiosity is immediately peaked, and the adventure begins. Bartlett takes us on a musical journey worthy of the most complicated composition, and on the way, we meet a cast of characters that makes us want to pick up an instrument and join the band.

“The hallmark of a great mystery/psychological thriller is to keep the reader guessing. Bartlett does this, but with a twist. The book starts out as a mystery but becomes a psychological thriller that will not disappoint.

“I can’t wait for her next book!”

—Helen Cameron, Ph.D, Higher Education Administration

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