Girl with a Violin

Girl with a Violin A famous 18-year-old fiddle player, Beau, is abducted from her parents’ huge Sierra home at a birthday folk jam in her honor one summer in the early part of the 21st century. As a fire burns up the mountain while she is buried on the land under a pile [...]


Cellini’s Revenge Book 3

Cellini’s Revenge The Mystery of the Silver Cups Book 3 In this last volume of the Cellini’s Revenge trilogy, we find Peter just wanting a normal life, and yet, as a single father, it is not what he gets. Cellini’s fame and fortune end with a regal funeral, and yet his final words [...]


Cellini’s Revenge Book 2

Cellini’s Revenge The Mystery of the Silver Cups Book 2 This second volume in the Cellini’s Revenge series focuses on how Peter Evans’ life and the Cellini curse from over 400 years before intertwine, and how the fight between two brothers over the Cellini cups haunts the story throughout. Calamities happen, accidents continue, [...]


Cellini’s Revenge Book I

Cellini’s RevengeThe Mystery of the Silver CupsBook 1 Cellini’s Revenge is the story of an American woman, Catherine Evans, falsely accused (but eventually convicted) of her husband David’s murder. She finds him dead in their kitchen in England in 1956 with a knife in his side. Cellini’s Revenge is also the story of [...]


Broad Reach

With her only child off to college, Sarah, a divorcée, is overwhelmed with emptiness. Here home overlooking San Francisco Bay is quiet, and her work with young children is routine. Most of all, her heart has become an excruciating vacuum. When she meets a very sexy and charming Englishman tending his sailboat, Sarah [...]


The Flood

When eleven-year-old Elizabeth is left to babysit her four-year-old sister one rainy night, neither of them expect the adventure that unfolds. Their parents don’t return home, and by morning there is a flood that fills the first floor of their house. Elizabeth must take initiative and make an agonizing decision: whether to stay put [...]


A Day at PreSchool

A beautifully illustrated book for children attending preschool showing all the activities children do in preschool: meeting new friends, listening to stories, swinging on the tire swing, playing table games, singing with a guitar, hammering, riding bikes, and playing in the sand. Teachers, parents, and children will love this book because they can [...]


Elizabeth at School

First grade is a challenge with new friends, maybe a new teacher and a feeling of advancement into the world of reading and writing. It is a time of friendship, sharing, learning and playing. It is a place where children come into their own, a secure leap into the world of math and science, [...]


Elizabeth in Paris

My mother sketches me all over Paris, whether of me eating an ice cream cone under the Eiffel Tower, or washing socks in the bidet, or going on the merry-go-round. It is lots of fun being her model! It takes many turns for me on the merry-go-round for her to finish her drawing. [...]