Cellini’s Revenge
The Mystery of the Silver Cups
Book 3

In this last volume of the Cellini’s Revenge trilogy, we find Peter just wanting a normal life, and yet, as a single father, it is not what he gets.

Cellini’s fame and fortune end with a regal funeral, and yet his final words curse the thieves of his twelve silver cups.

Here is an interweaving of an old Evans’ family story with a death and a newborn, along with a shattered marriage and then a newfound family. Lastly, a millionaire’s dream is revealed as he escapes the 1929 stock market crash, leaving a surprise legacy.

Will Peter ever find his soulmate? Will Cellini’s curse ever end?

“A mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a love story—spanning centuries—that arrives at a most un- expected ending.

“For seasoned readers of this delightful trilogy, and for those who are embarking on this journey for the first time, Bartlett’s third Cellini novel will not disappoint.

“Perhaps, most importantly, it is no coincidence that Cellini’s Revenge weaves its way through millennia to provide a much needed message for us all to heed.

More novels from this author? Yes, please.”

—Helen Cameron, Ph.D, Higher Education Administration

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