Wendy At French Hotel


Wendy Bartlett currently lives in Berkeley, California. She lived in England for thirteen years and visits her family regularly where she haunts the places she writes about like the Old Bailey, the River Thames and Rottingdean. She re-published her novel Broad Reach in 2019 and has published four children’s books recently, including the popular children’s novel: The Flood. The new edition of Cellini’s Revenge, The Mystery of the Silver Cups, Book 1 was published in 2020, followed soon after by Book 2, and now Book 3, the last of the trilogy, is done and published in 2021.

Derived from her screenplay, Girl with a Violin, published as an audiobook, as well as paperback and ebook editions, is her latest novel.

Wendy has written much poetry and nine books. She is excited to work on her writing every day, telling great stories.